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      Gibco Opti-MEM™ 減血清培養基

      簡要描述:Opti-MEM™ Reduced-Serum Medium(Gibco Opti-MEM™ 減血清培養基)is an improved Minimal Essential Medium (MEM) that allows for a reduction of Fetal Bovine Serum supplementation by at least 50% with no change

      • 產品型號:型號齊全
      • 廠商性質:代理商
      • 更新時間:2022-10-27
      • 訪  問  量:330

      Gibco Opti-MEM™ 減血清培養基

      Gibco™ Opti-MEM™ is a unique media that contains insulin, transferrin, hypoxanthine, thymidine, and trace elements. These additional components allow for a reduction in serum supplementation by at least 50%.

      cGMP Manufacturing and Quality System:

      For supply chain continuity, we manufacture Gibco™ Opti-MEM™ at two separate facilities located in Grand Island, NY and Scotland, UK. Both sites are compliant with cGMP manufacturing requirements, are certified to ISO 13485, and are registered with the FDA as medical device manufacturers.

      Gibco™ Opti-MEM™ uses a sodium bicarbonate buffer system (2.4 g/L) and therefore requires a 5-10% CO2 environment to maintain physiological pH.

      Powder forms of Gibco™ cell culture medium require sodium bicarbonate supplementation, pH adjustment and filtration at the time of preparation


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